How The Game Works

  • What is the game?

    iPropFootball is a football party game or office pool that allows both hardcore football fans and casual spectators to participate. To play and enjoy the game all you need is a group of people who enjoy watching the big game and engaging in some friendly competition. Advanced or even average knowledge of football rules is not necessary to play this game.

    iPropFootball adds a new element of intrigue and excitement to watching the big game. No need to follow individual player stats in this game. Instead, get the most number of correct ‘props' and you walk away with bragging rights. Coin flip, penalties, sacks, coaches challenges…you name it, it's in the game in a very user-friendly format.

    Make your picks, challenge your friends, follow the Live Scoring and enjoy!

    Not only are you enjoying the game, cheering on your favorite team, but you are playing against your friends throughout the game. Even spectators who only watch 1 game per year (Super Sunday) will be able to play on a level playing field with the most knowledgeable armchair quarterbacks.

  • Objective

    Get the highest number of points during the football game.

  • How to Play

    Each player will select the outcome of each ‘prop' question in the game. Each correct ‘prop' scores points for the player towards his/her final standings.

  • Setting up a Pool

    A Pool Commissioner will register online and create your Pool. The Commissioner will create a username/password, Pool Name and select the size of the Pool (# of participants).

  • Invite your Friends

    Once the Pool has been created the Commissioner can use the ‘Invite Friends' function in the game and enter email addresses for anyone they wish to invite. A standard welcome message is supplied by the iPropFootball, however, Commissioners are welcome to enter their own welcome message to send to their friends.

    The welcome message will include the Pool Name, Pool ID # and Pool Password. Name & Password are created by the Commissioner. Pool ID # will be generated automatically by iPropFootball.

  • Joining a Pool

    Players must visit the website and search for the Pool Name or Pool ID#. Once they find the correct Pool, they will need to create their user account. This will include a username and password.

    Once the user account has been created they will proceed to the Pool page and enter the Pool Password to join.

  • Make your Picks

    After successfully joining the Pool, the player will visit the ‘Picks Page'. Through drop-down buttons the player will select an answer for each ‘prop'. Upon completion the player will ‘Save' and the picks are automatically sent to the database.

    Players may change their picks anytime up to the Game Lock Deadline.

  • Game Lock Deadline

    A set time where iPropFootball will lock the game so no further picks are permitted. The Game Lock Deadline is usually a few minutes before the first prop of the football game occurs.

  • Watch the Big Game

    After the picks have been made by all the players, just sit back and enjoy the action on tv. It's always fun to watch how excited people get over seemingly random events during the game.

  • Live Scoring

    iPropFootball will update each prop as they happen throughout the game. Follow your Pool Standings page all afternoon as the individual scoring bars race across the field for the endzone.

  • Champion

    After the final whistle and the Game MVP is announced on tv the Pool Champion will be crowned in each Pool in the iPropFootball game.

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