• Rule 1

    The official ruling on the field will be used to determine the outcome of each prop. Eg. A pass play from scrimmage that results in pass interference will be called a ‘penalty’ if the flag is accepted. If the penalty is declined the play would be called a pass.

  • Rule 2

    iPropFootball Results are entered LIVE as they happen during the game. We cannot take any responsibility for changes made to the outcomes after the fact. Due to the unique nature of the iPropFootball game, we cannot go back and make changes after the football game has ended. Changes will only be made if the official football game results are changed while the game is still in progress. Eg. If the official stats of the game list the runner to have 91 yards when the final whistle goes, iPropFootball will consider that result official. If the upon review, there is a change to 89 yards after the football game has concluded, iPropFootball will not go back to make this change made after the final whistle.

  • Rule 3

    By creating a user account, you certify that you have read and agree to the iPropGames Terms of Service and the iPropGames Privacy Policy.

  • Rule 4

    For Entertainment Purposes Only: this is NOT a gambling site. iPropFootball and iPropGames are purely for entertainment purposes only and may not be used in connection with wagering, gambling or betting of any sort.

  • Rule 5

    All picks must be completed and saved before the Game Lock Deadline. Once the Game Lock Deadline has passed, no further picks will be permitted under any circumstances. If you have not made your pick for any prop by the Game Lock Deadline, you will receive no points for that prop when the outcome is determined.

  • Rule 6

    Standings: each correct prop will move the player’s scoring bar and football across the field throughout the game. The League Champion will ultimately reach the endzone at the end of the game.

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